Teaching Show vs Tell

Today was Day 1 of a two-day weekend intensive workshop I am teaching for the Alexandra Writers Centre on showing vs telling. Only 5 students, but they are good talkers and willing to share their writing. Having some great discussions, and with only five it is such an easy pace–we can explore students’ questions a bit more fully than trying to race through with ten students. Loving it!


Launching The Sum of Us!

Had a great week in Toronto at the Lillian H Smith branch library (where the Merril Collection is housed) and in Ottawa at the Can*Con writers convention, doing two more launches for The Sum of Us. Bev will also do one in Winnipeg. Saw lots of old friends, met some new ones, including writers I’ve been editing for the Laksa Media Social Causes series. Good fun, good networking.

Back to editing

An old client that I did some work for a few years ago got in touch and asked if I would finish that project. I like the story, though the material definitely needs work, so I was happy to go back to it. I am almost finished the original contracted material, and will send it to him, probably this weekend. Then, if he is still willing, I’ll do a second pass. If not, I have tons of projects–most likely will work on book 2 of my series (that’s in my head right now). I have two other projects but I am waiting for feedback from others on those.

“Strangers” Wins the Aurora!

Being the odds-on favorite to take “Best Related Work” at the Auroras this year didn’t prevent me from doubting it could happen. So it was a shock and surprise when our name was called! I got to give the acceptance speech for Lucas, who couldn’t be there, then muddled through my own which I winged (rather well, I thought, except for missing out my thanks to everyone on my list to thank). Also, our artist, Samantha Beiko, won for best cover, and one of our authors, Hayden Trenholm won Best Short Story for “Marion’s War.” Triple Crown!

Chapter 1 of second book in the series

This has been an interesting process. I was unable to get to book 2 because of too many other deadlines and family responsibilities, but I WAS able to dictate into my voice recorder while on a motorcycle trip. I created 22 documents, some of which were plot threads and reminders, and some of which were text, mostly chapter 1 starts / scenes, or a new idea I had to slide in somewhere later.

When it came time to outline the plot (on my 6-day writers’ retreat) I used these docs and other scraps of notes. Done! For chapter 1, I then took the 5 scenes (inciting incident, complication, crisis, climax, resolution) I had outlined and shoved them into a document with my noodled chapter 1 text, and have been worrying away at it a bit at a time over the past week. Again, as I am traveling with family (out-of-province at a family wedding) there is little time to write, so I am stealing an hour here or there (on a flight, in the car going to an event) to mold the text into shape based on the notes from my outline.

So far, I’ve finished scene 1. Tortoise-and-hare-style, I’m tortoising, but it’s working!