Interesting conversation with Sam Morgan of Jabberwocky agency on Monday. He hasn’t picked up my manuscript, but he hasn’t rejected it, either. In fact, he likes the writing and concept, and is okay with the gender-swap! But he found a gigantic plot hole, which had escaped me and all my beta readers–but he had a solution. It would involve a fairly major rewrite, but he is willing to take a look at a revision. Super-cool!

Poor Man’s Workshop

Fantastic opportunity today to have my work critiqued by 8 colleagues at IFWA’s Poor Man’s Workshop. It is a modified Clarion-style with the work submitted in advance and 2 full oral critiques and then a 40-minute discussion by all the contributors, with written critiques from everyone. I was affirmed for most of my story, which is always gratifying, but the discussion generated tons of ideas about where I could take my world further, which was exactly what I was looking for. Some fantastic stories on the table, too–a joy to critique.

And, there was lunch!

Love the gym

Exercise is excellent for creativity. At the gym this week, I got three new ideas for stories. None of them is fully fledged, so I can’t say how many will actually take flight, but I really believe that getting oxygen to the brain, as well as exercise-generated good brain chemicals feeds creativity. Also, I think repetitive motion tends to shove stress/anxiety-thoughts away, too, leaving room for creative ideas.

Query Workshop

I had a ton of fun today, working for the Alexandra Centre, doing a drop-in query workshop. Actually, I had two clients booked, but saw five in 3 hours. Each brought a query letter and I did a “blue pencil” style critique and talked to them about various strategies for getting an agent, writing a synopsis, and other elements of the business of writing. An awesome day!


A weekend in Ottawa for Can*Con was time well spent. Caught up with old friends (breakfast with Sheila Williams, coffee with Sam Morgan, partying with Mark Leslie), met new people, sat on some panels, launched Strangers Among Us (and sold out every copy there, thanks to Bundoran Press, who allowed us to put our books on their table), saw a light show at the Parliament Buildings, toured the National Gallery, saw a boat make its way through the locks on the Rideau canal…and more! Thanks to Derek Kunsken and Marie Bilodeau for organizing!