Line Edits for Shades Among Us

Got a blog post for Mary Robinette Kowal (My Favorite Bits) done on what I learned by editing the Sum of Us, and now on to line edits for Shades Among Us. Five down, 15 to go. I think this book is going to be another real winner. As the structural edit requests come in, most of the authors have worked really hard to meet our editorial requests, and the stories are jumping to life.

First Review in for Sum of Us

Publishers Weekly reviewed The Sum of Us! They didn’t love every story (but why they picked out Bottleneck to dislike is beyond me–that is one of my favorite stories), but picked out four for special praise: “The Dunschemin Retirement Home for Repentant Supervillains,” “The Healer’s Touch,” “Blinders,” and “The Oracle and the Warlord.” All of these deserve the praise they got–but yeah, so does every other story in this collection.

When Words Collide upcoming!

I was away for a bit on the motorcycle, but got home and caught up on the last zillion tiny details for When Words Collide. I invited a bunch of panelists to moderate their panels, signed up for my pre-festival workshop choices, organized a list of all my duties for the festival weekend, and took notes on the panels I am going to be on–I always like to have a few ideas of things I’d like to mention, going into a panel. There! Ready!

Mystery analysis

A couple of writerly friends and I are getting together to study the mystery form. One of them has a friend who teaches a course in mystery writing, who gave us some materials to read. Then we are going to all read the same mystery and get together next week to discuss. Sounds like fun, as well as educational!

Plotting book 2

So book 1 is off to the publisher and book 2 is due in a year. I have it basically plotted, but want to do more detailed plotting now, so I reviewed the material I have in preparation for nailing it down. I hope to have enough done so I can dictate scenes while I go on a 10-day motorcycle trip in July.

Covers for my next books

I love working with Laksa media! I know this is not required by publishers, but Lucas is fantastic in sharing his thoughts about the covers for my books. I have seen the general idea for all 7 books and a draft of the first book and I am blow away! The colors are vibrant, the silhouettes signal action/adventure, the imposition of scenery in the background gives the cover texture, sweep, and an epic feel, and the composition swirls. There will be more fine tuning to come, but the concept is super cool!