Grant applications

Of course, if I am going to be in Ireland for my writing residency, working on my WWII novel, it would only make sense to visit some of the locations where the novel is set, such as Dunkirk, Dieppe (location of a major Canadian raid that failed spectacularly), and Salisbury Plain (where Canadian soldiers were housed in 1939/40), but alas, funds don’t stretch that far. However, perhaps there is a travel grant that could help. Applications today!


Accepted into the Tyrone Guthrie Center, Ireland!

I was accepted to the Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig, Ireland! This will be an awesome opportunity, as it is an artists’ residency for musicians, actors, writers, visual artists, etc., and one of the requirements is for all 13 residents to have a sit-down dinner together each evening, so I can imagine the conversation will be very stimulating. One of the main reasons I wanted to go would be to work on my WWII fantasy, not only for the old-world ambience there (I was able to tour the estate this spring), but to stop in London to revisit Churchill’s War Rooms and Kew Gardens, among other locations.

“Highly Recommended” for grant

So, I was sharing with my writing group how to do a grant application, and I was showing them a rejection from my most recent application. I opened the email, and was reading it through with them when one of them pointed out that this wasn’t–exactly–a rejection. In fact, though I didn’t get money from this application, I was listed at “highly recommended,” meaning that if there is money left over at the end of the year, I might get some. Yay!

Act II complete!

The novel is very exciting to work on. I finished act II at 48,000 words and did a review of the plot outline for the third quarter of the book. Made a few tweaks that required 2 backfill scenes in the first half of the book. They are now done, and after Christmas I jump into the second half of the book! With cold weather this week, there’s no skiing so I should have time to get a good start.

Aurora Pin Ceremony Calgary

Had the great chance to go to A Taste of Local Authors this week and hear 9 local writers give 5-minute readings of books they are launching this fall. This is always a fun time, as everyone in the writing community comes out to mix and mingle. This time, we also had a Pin Ceremony for the 2017 Aurora Awards, honoring those nominees and winners who were eligible to receive a pin this year, but couldn’t get to Halifax to be pinned. As Lucas Law, of Laksa Media was in neither location, I was happy to pick up his Aurora Award for publishing and editing the Best Related Work anthology, Strangers Among Us!

Hit 30,000 words

Not finding the writing to be in any way stifled by working to a detailed plan. I needed a profession for a character and wound up doing quite a bit of research on natural dyes, which gave me a new setting for some of the scenes. Then, I realized her masterpiece (luxurious dyed fabrics) can come into play later when she needs a fancy dress to sneak into the castle. And, another character can get sent on a shopping trip with a tempting amount of money because the land lady is setting her up. The details in some areas become the richness, plot complexity, and reverberating images in other areas.