Novel Revision plan in action

So the novel revision plan is done and I am checking out the scene-and-sequence chunks. I don’t have a word count (I plan to add about 4-5 more scenes, and cut some scenes) but I’m pretty sure I have to do some serious cutting–pretty much all of it in Act I. So my big focus is on…FOCUS! Am I being efficient in moving the story along without sacrificing the key details that keep the reader grounded in the world, especially in the opening when understanding characters, plot motivations and politics, and critical bits of the world (like the magic system, for instance), are critical. Yep, I’m finding repetition. There are places to cut.

Funny where you get your ideas

So, I was reading Rise and Fall of the Third Reich for my upcoming historical fantasy novel set in World War II. Reading about the chaotic conditions in Germany in 1919 after the defeat of World War I, I had an insight into what the climate must be like in my OTHER historical fantasy novel, when the king uproots his subjects, rather like Henry VIII did by imposting Protestantism on a Catholic Britain. Clearly, there is not ONE rebel organization–at least not at first–there would be multiple groups rising in protest, unbeknownst to one another. They would have to organize themselves before they could become effective. Upon reflection it seems so obvious: why didn’t I realize it before? Duh!

Land running

Back home and digging out from 6 weeks of travels, but I have a meeting with my publisher on Wednesday and need to organize my notes. Luckily, Writers in the House is this weekend and after presenting at the Calgary Young Writers’ Conference (which was, as usual, AWESOME) I’m off to have some concentrated writing time to prepare. Nothing like a timely writers’ retreat. Thanks for organizing, Randy!

Tons of Notes

Really enjoying the trip–in some ways I hope will never end. But at the same time, I am so inspired, I can hardly wait to get home and roll up my sleeves. I have tons of notes that will need to be organized, but I have a really strong vision of where my story is going. Can’t wait to get back to it!

Good work done on revision

I have a deadline to get a novel in to my publisher in 2 months, and got a ton of work done on the train from Barcelona to Paris. Got all the re-working I want to do organized, but it is on paper. Still need to make it electronic (going back and forth between documents on the iPad is difficult; it was easier to have one doc open and work on paper, and now do the revisions to the second doc).

Interesting research

I am researching addictions for one of my novels, and found some very interesting information. A protein, deltaFosB, is overproduced in virtually every form of addition, whether drug or behavioural (gambling, shopping, sex, food). Although genetic factors weigh about 50% and environmental factors the other 50%, the physical addiction has a neurological basis. Not a surprise, I suppose, though I would have thought this might have made the news.