So busy with other stuff! Grr!

Yeah, I’ve been productive, but the days fly by and sometimes it seems like I have long stretches when I’m not writing!! This week was editing, editing, editing–for clients. Which is good (I like income, and the work is creatively satisfying), but I want to get back onto my own stuff!!


Rainforest Retreat

I am so lucky! My Rainforest Writers Village retreat followed directly on the heels of my Dead Man’s Flats retreat, so I get about 11 days of concentrated work on the edits. We did have a hiccup when one of our friends came down with pneumonia! Spent a few hours in Emergency before she was air lifted back to Canada. Wow. Glad everything turned out for the best. But still, I got lots of writing done, AND I got to present to the other writers at the retreat. Met new people and connected with old friends, and learned some cool stuff from the other presenters. Win Win.

Dead Man’s Flats

Wonderful writing retreat with friends at a resort just tucked into the mountains, at Dead Man’s Flats. I was going to work on the WWII novel, but I just got edits back from my publisher for Book 2 of my series, so that’s on the agenda. The good news: the edits are not super-extensive. Also, in looking over what my editor wants, there are lots of inspiring details that make the story resonate even more. Really enjoying the work!

Forging forward

Got a good start on my list of things to do from my publisher. Of course, going to a wedding, helping my daughter with her AFA grant, working on WWC’s CADA grant, teaching Spec Fic and writing all happened this week, too. But I got a surprising number of the things on my list started!