Interviewed by Joshua Pantalleresco

Had a great interview with Josh Pantalleresco yesterday. Actually, it was more like a conversation–he is an excellent interviewer. The post should come out in about a month or so.


Translating Dan Harmon’s story wheel into a linear plot

I got to present on translating Dan Harmon’s story wheel into a linear plot for my writers’ group on Thursday, and even though I only had half an hour, it went well. I got several comments afterward from people for whom the information was particularly timely. It always feels good to share a cool idea!

Synopsis Workshop Very Popular

So, I happened to mention on Facebook that my writers’ group was doing a session on synopsis writing, and another writer friend asked to come. I checked with the group and got the okay. We were talking about it briefly at the Festival Board Meeting, and a second friend said she’d love to join–AND, she just came from a writers’ retreat where the writer-in-residence had been coaching this skill, and had extra resources. She wanted to come, too!

Long story short, next week will be our official Guest session with two writers not part of the group joining us. Should be great!

Back in the Saddle

So, after writing 4 and submitting 2  grant applications (the others have a later deadline) to support my research and writing of Bells of the Shadow World, I am back with book 2 of the Addicted to Heaven saga. I was a bit worried that taking a couple of weeks off would take my head right out of the book, but I did a quick review of my notes and wrote a synopsis of the whole thing and jumped in, to write two scenes as if I’d never taken a break. That’s cool, because the two weeks’ off put me behind schedule. But I will have it to my beta readers on time!

Grant Writing Info Session

Attended a grant writing information session this week in support of When Words Collide, our annual literary festival. Though we’ve successfully applied for grants from this body before, it never hurts to have the deets and up-to-date changes, as well as helpful tips. Deadline coming soon, but we’ve got a good committee and a schedule, and we should have no problem getting the application in on time.

Mentor-in-the-Loop gig upcoming

I will be Mentor-in-the-Loop in a few weeks at the Alexandra center, and they’ve provided me with some great exposure on their site:

I’ve never done this before, and am really looking forward to it–I think it will be a great way to meet a lot of new, young authors.