Short Stories

In a far future when Earth’s resources are nearing depletion, the fate of the human race is at stake (AE Science Fiction Review, upcoming).

The Director’s Cut
When Lasha makes a deal with the devil, Jim has to find a way to stop her in “The Director’s Cut” (Tesseracts Fourteen, by Edge Press, November, 2010).

Grandpa’s Kitchen
In this non-fiction article, Susan shares her father’s legacy of mountaineering achievements with her children in “Grandpa’s Kitchen” (Legacy Magazine, Fall, 2009).

The Right Chemistry
In “The Right Chemistry” (ONSPEC Magazine, Summer, 2010) two oxygen atoms attend a cocktail party, with explosive results.

“Back” (Analog Science Fiction and Fact, June, 2008) is about two time machine inventors who have discovered how to go back in time–but can they get back? Finalist for the 2009 Aurora Award.

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