Sun Splashed Fields and Far Blue Mountains

Love, sacrifice, and stem cell organ printing.

Sun Splashed Fields and Far Blue Mountains was first published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, in the March/April issue, in 2018.

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Kevin P Hallett, Tangent-on-line:–bi-monthly-reviewsmenu-260/296-analog-sf/3773-analog-marchapril-2018


In this SF short, Karen and her husband, Michael, must pay for an experimental liver transplant. The cost is prohibitive and Karen frets over paying the installments even as Michael balks at the burden it places on their finances.

Finally, Karen has pulled all the strings she can, and Michael undergoes the surgery. But when the doctor offers her an intriguing alternative to paying, should she take it, and if she does what will be the consequences?

The story packed intrigue and danger throughout. It was almost painful to read through the couple’s struggles but impossible to put down as the reader waited for all the shoes to drop.