The Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince (cover art)

The Dragon Prince, Susan Forest’s first novel, was published in 1990 by Gage Educational Publishing in Agincourt, Ontario, Canada. It was awarded the Children’s Circle Book Choice Award, and was chosen by Gage as one of two young adult novels to represent the company at an international book fair in Berlin, in 1991.

A chill brushed Kathleen’s back. She shook herself and looked around at the camp, still quiet as before.


She looked into the grey stillness beyond the trees. Callum stood in the fog, silently watching her. She drew in a sharp breath. “Callum!”

He motioned her to join him.

She walked into the night.

When her father and the other villagers organize a search party for the dragon that preys on their homes, Kathleen enlists the help of her mysterious friend, Callum, to find the dragon first. What she does not know in her quest to save the magnificent beast, is that Callum has his own reasons for wanting to kill it.

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